Spa Fusion

Pool Fusion Aqua Sachet (35g)

Oxidiser - Fast Reacting Formulae

The fantastic easy to use product is ideal for those in a hurry. Not only do you not have to work out doses, but this product will allow you to use your hot tub again within 1 hour only! Simply use 1 sachet to treat up to 10,000 gallons (or 45,450 litres).

This fast reacting chlorine shock treatment formula was designed for rapid recovery and destruction of non-filterable wastes, and enhances water clarity.
CONTAINS: Di-chloro Isocyanurate Di-Hydrate, Sodium Persulphate and spa water clarifiers.

How do I use Pool Fusion Oxider?

Whilst the pump is running, empty the whole sachet contents into the hot tub spa and run the system for an hour, leaving the hot tub cover removed to allow fumes to escape.
One sachet treats 10,000 gallons. For smaller pools, first try half a sachet and then top up if required ensuring bathing does no take place for 1 hour.

VITAL: When dosing this product wear eye and face protection and ensure granules are not blown back into your face. Dose near the water surface. Never mix with other spa chemicals as a dangerous reaction may occur.

PRECAUTIONS - HANDLING / STORAGE: Always refer to the packaging! Handle products in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors. Was hands after use. Ensure chemicals do not become damp in storage. Store in a cool dry place.


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